Hi and welcome to Cockles n’ Mussels. A blog for everyone who enjoys cooking and eating seafood, fish, and shellfish.

I’m Colm –  and as you can see I’ve got a bit of an obsession with seafood, My favourite seafood at the moment is prawns cooked in garlic butter and white wine.

I’m also a chef, but don’t let that put you off. The focus here is simple homestyle recipes that anyone can cook. I really believe that the less you do with fish the better it tastes. a quick fry in a pan, a slow bake in the oven, or a gentle poach is all it needs. There’s no need to complicate things and get fussy (as a chef I plead guilty). A simply cooked piece of the freshest fish can compare to anything you’ll find in the finest restaurant.

I’ve been a chef all my working life or about 20 years at this stage. I’ve worked mainly in restaurants in my hometown Dublin, Ireland, as well as London and Germany. Don’t worry! I’m not going to bore you with my whole resume, but I spent 5 years as a head chef in a seafood restaurant and this is where I developed my love and passion for seafood.

If you enjoy cooking and especially enjoy seafood stick around because I’ll be sharing all the recipes I’ve collected over the years as I moved from kitchen to kitchen. I’m also going to be updating the classics and hopefully showing you some new, original and innovative recipes for fish and seafood.

The Food

I believe in finding the freshest possible seafood and teaming it up with the best ingredients you can find. Buy what tastes best and if it happens to be local and seasonal all the better.


What I cook at work is very different to what I cook at home and I want all the recipes here to be easy, quick and doable for the home cook. Besides, I’m a bit of a food hack at home so any tips or tricks that get you sitting at the table swiftly with a glass of wine in your hand are fair game. Nobody wants to spend all day in the kitchen and that’s the great thing about fish, it cooks in minutes. No-fuss, no-hassle, fast, fresh, and full of flavour.

Although I love fish and seafood I also like to get my rolling pin out and bake every now and again. So you might see a recipe for a loaf of bread, a cake, or a muffin from time to time. As well as anything else I find worth sharing with you. I want the site to become a fun and friendly place for you to find your passion for seafood.

How to get in touch

I’d love to hear from you. All feedback is welcome and you can contact me here. If you want to make sure you don’t miss anything you can subscribe to the RSS feed here or below to get my recipes straight to your inbox.

For anyone who isn’t Irish, you might be wondering about the name of the blog. It’s a line from an old Dublin song about a fishmonger called Molly Malone.

molly malone
The statue of Molly Malone outside Dublin’s Trinity college

If you want to give it a listen check out the Dubliners singing it here. I really hope you enjoy the recipes and if you try one,  I would love to know how it goes.

Don’t be a stranger and thanks for visiting….. Happy cooking!

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