Lemon And Caraway Farles

Lemon and caraway farles – A version of the classic brown Irish soda bread. Perfumed with roasted aromatic caraway seeds and citrus lemon then cooked in a skillet. My mother never made bread like this and if I’m honest I’d never even tasted let alone made a farle until I tried the commercial mass-produced version that you can buy down …

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make cod veronique

Cod Véronique

Cod Véronique – crispy skinned fillets of flakey cod with the classic creamy vermouth and grape sauce. Like a lot of Irish chefs my age I was classically trained. Any chef who’s been to catering college here might remember been thought some of the delicious famous French classics like bouillabaisse, gratin dauphinois, or bœuf bourguignon. Learning the classics is a …

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smoked kipper rarebit-2

Smoked Kipper Rarebit

Smoked Kipper rarebit – toasted crusty bread topped with a silky bechamel sauce, flecked with lightly smoked kippers and mature cheddar cheese, then grilled till golden. If you’d never heard the culinary term rarebit before then you could be forgiven for thinking it is some sort of culinary masterpiece, exotic and challenging to make. In reality, it’s just a fancy …

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Tuna with aubergine hummus

Tuna With Aubergine Hummus

Tuna with aubergine hummus – Seared, spice dusted tuna, with a creamy chickpea and aubergine hummus. I’ve got a bit of a love / hate relationship with tuna. I love cooking it and I love eating it even more. But I don’t like putting it on the menu any where I work. I’ve a couple of reasons. First off tuna has …

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