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Monkfish Salsa Verde

monkfish salsa verde

Monkfish salsa verde – Pan roasted chunks of monkfish served with the classic, herb infused, italian green sauce.

It tastes fantastic and you can whirl it together in about 30 seconds. I like to dip big chunks of crusty fresh bread in it. I put it on pasta and burgers. I like to make a mint infused version and spoon it over some simply boiled new season potatoes.

When I think about it, there’s nothing salsa verde doesn’t go with. Beef, duck, pork, or lamb…. and fish of course. It works well with any species and its the perfect companion for Shellfish.

Steam some fresh mussels in your favourite white wine and add a heaped tablespoon. Or saute some shrimps and add as much of fruity, herbal concoction as you like. The luminous green sauce clings to the shellfish coating it with intense flavour and making it shine.

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Saute Scallops And Black Pudding

saute scallops and black pudding

Thickly sliced crumbly black pudding, fried till crispy with saute scallops and a smooth apple puree made from tart granny smith’s.

Beannachtai la fheile padraig!….and for those of you who don’t speak gaelic, Happy Saint Paddy’s day. You might be planning on celebrating the day by drowning the shamrock or maybe cooking something with a little Irish flavour.

Theres bacon and cabbage (a dish I grew up on and still love today) Or you could go with one of the iconic Irish potato dishes, champ, boxty, or colcannon. Unlike the French or Italians here in Ireland we don’t have a long list of classic dishes which were famous for.

What we do have though are some of the finest ingredients which we can be rightly proud of. I’m thinking of the top quality beef and lamb we produce here. The fine dairy produce and farmhouse cheeses. The huge variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables, and of course bountiful seas packed with the finest fish and shellfish. Read More

Guinness Cupcakes

guinness cupcakes

A moist luxurious cupcake made with deep, smooth, rich tasting stout, chocolate and dark sugar. Than topped with a fluffy vanilla and white chocolate frosting.

Saint Patrick’s day is just around the corner and to celebrate I decided to make some very special cupcakes out of the nations most famous alcoholic beverage. Though the makers of various whiskeys and other stouts would probably disagree Guinness is synonymous with Ireland especially Dublin.

For this recipe we won’t be turning it green. Or even making green frosting. No leprechaun’s, shamrocks, or crocks of gold at the end of the rainbow, It’s just Guinness and chocolate all the way.

This might seem like an unlikely culinary pairing but the smooth, rich, and slightly bitter tones of the stout marry really well with the chocolate, dark sugar, and rich butter. The result is a moist luxurious cake with a rich flavor and a colour to match the famous pint.

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Omelette Arnold Bennett

omelette arnold bennett

My version of the classic fish omelette Arnold Bennett. Made with flakes of smoky haddock, lightly cooked eggs, and a bechamel flavoured with mustard and Worcestershire.

You might be wondering who Arnold Bennett is and why the hell an omelette is named after him. Spare a thought though for the waiters at london’s savoy hotel who must get tired of answering this question.  Apparently this classic is still made there on a daily basis since some clever chef invented it in the hotel’s kitchen for the writer decades ago.

The story goes that Arnold was staying at the hotel while writing a novel. One night the chefs whipped up this omelette for his supper and he liked it so much he insisted it be cooked for him wherever he traveled. Hence the name.

Personally I’m not really that into omelets. Normally I like my eggs fried or boiled but on this occasion I have to agree with Mr. Bennett this unusual omelette  tastes absolutely divine.

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Fish Caesar Salad

fish caesar salad
Crispy fillets of fried plaice, with crunchy little gem lettuce, tossed in a piquant caper and dill dressing.

Why is it that when you go out to a restaurant for dinner and see a caesar salad on the menu it often comes with chicken? Don’t get me wrong I like a bit of chicken in my caesar salad but seafood like shrimp, salmon, cod or even place like I’m using here work well with crunchy leaves, croutons, and aged parmesan cheese too.

The original caesar salad contains neither chicken or fish of course. It was invented by a guy called Caesar Cardini in the 1920’s. Caesar was an Italian immigrant who had restaurants in Mexico and the United States. One 4th of July his restaurant got slammed and he whipped up this dish out of what he had lying around the kitchen. I only wish I could invent a classic under such pressure.

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Mango And Coconut Doughnuts

mango and coconut doughnuts

A classic fritter doughnut made from a dough infused with coconut and filled with a slightly tart mango curd.

Maybe I should have been a cop. I’ve always had a soft spot for doughnuts. When I was a kid I’d get one in my lunchbox going to school from time to time. They were nothing fancy like these ones, just your regular jam filled doughnuts. Often they’d get banged around in my schoolbag and end up misshapen, a little greasy, with the jam leaking out. I loved them all the same. Kids love anything sweet with loads of sugar. Especially when it gets stuck to your lips and has to be licked off like it does with the castor sugar-coating on doughnuts. Read More