what a split hollandaise sauce looks like

Does your hollandaise sauce ever look like this?

If it does, then it’s suffering from the dreaded split! It’s curdled, cracked, separated, broken. But don’t throw it out, it can be rescued…but a bit more on that later. Making hollandaise sauce is supposed to strike fear into the heart of the novice/amateur cook, it has a reputation for being temperamental or difficult to make. Even now I can …

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mushroom croquettes with pont l'eveque dip

Mushroom Croquettes With Pont L’eveque Dip

Crunchy potato croquettes laced with pungent dried mushrooms dipped in a creamy, cheesy sauce. I always know when it’s not worth my while to make a trip down to the fishmongers. Mondays or any time there’s been a spell of bad weather like the last couple of days means there won’t be much fresh fish around bar the usual suspect……a.k.a …

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crab tart

Crab tart

Sweet crab, peppery rocket, and salty parmesan cheese baked over flakey shortcrust pastry. If you’ve ever made a classic lemon tart or even a creme brulee then you’ll recognise the method used in this recipe. The only sweet element in this though is the luscious crab meat that’s been encased in a rich and creamy savoury custard infused with deeply …

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avocado, prawn, and citrus salad

Avocado, Prawn, And Citrus Salad

Sweet Dublin bay prawns with creamy avocado and tangy citrus fruits, tossed in a caramelized ginger dressing Salads are supposed to be good for you. Light, healthy, and nutritious but only up to a point. That point being when you reach for your favourite dressing, be it caesar, mayo, or salad cream. But what’s a salad without a little dressing? …

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summer mussel soup

Summer Mussel Soup

A light mussel, asparagus and fresh pea broth, infused with the flavours of south-east Asia You don’t normally associate the summer months with soup making, especially broths. At this time of year, the only soup you’re probably hoping to make is a chilled one to cool yourself off as the mercury rises. I love an iced soup on a hot …

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