ingredients for fish stock

How To Make Fish Stock

Every cook should know how to make a good fish stock, it’s quick, easy and free. Well almost…… The only cost is the price of a few vegetables, a glass of white wine, and a half-hour of your time. If you’ve ever wondered why the sauces in top restaurants always taste just a little better than what you cook at …

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best pan for fish

Mackerel Escabèche

Mackerel Escabèche – Fillets of fresh mackerel poached in a vinaigrette flavored with balsamic, saffron, and spices. I need help with my mackerel addiction. My infatuation with this fish has been going on for a while now and I can’t see it ending anytime soon. It’s just so tasty and cheap that if I see some freshly caught fillets sitting …

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sticky lemon and thyme monkfish

Sticky Lemon And Thyme Monkfish

Meaty monkfish with a sticky, sweet and sour sauce. Flavoured with soy. I can still remember monkfish first appearing on restaurant menus in the early ’90s. For years it was just discarded by fishermen who were only interested in the species they could sell. And who can blame them they had to make a living after all.  it was once …

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