hake kiev

Hake Kiev

Flakey fillets of hake, packed with a herb and garlic infused butter, then fried till crunchy and golden. My original plan was to make this recipe with cod, but Fergal my fishmonger had these beautiful fillets of thick, flakey hake. They looked so fresh that they might have just jumped out of the sea and onto the counter. So I …

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smoked haddock, leek and butter bean bake

Smoked Haddock, leek and butterbean bake

Chunky flakes of haddock encased in a smooth, smoky sauce. Loaded with rustic leeks and butter beans, topped with golden, crunchy parmesan. I Love good Friday. It’s one of two days during the year that I know for sure I won’t be working. The other been Christmas day. Bars, restaurants and cafe’s the length and breadth of the country are forced …

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Crab Linguine With Orange And Tarragon

Sweet, succulent crab with a light and zesty citrus sauce. This pasta is ideal for lunch or as a late supper. I don’t watch much tv, just football and the food network. I do enjoy documentaries though, and I’m a big fan of the deadliest catch. Do you know the show on the discovery channel? Sometimes when I’m cooking with …

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fish burger

Fish Burger

You never know when inspiration for a recipe will strike. Driving back from work the other night I saw a billboard for Mcdonalds. On it was a picture of their fillet o’ fish burger and in a moment of weakness I had a massive craving for one. Ever since I saw Morgan Spurlock’s supersize me I rarely eat at the …

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Mussel Gratin With Lemon And Parsley Butter

Sweet, garlicky mussels topped with crisp breadcrumbs – if you reckon you don’t like mussels or have never tried them before then this classic recipe is sure to convert you. Given the name of this blog, I figured it’s about time I featured some of the ingredients the blog is named after. And there’s no better place to start than with …

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