Lemon And Caraway Farles

Lemon and caraway farles – A version of the classic brown Irish soda bread. Perfumed with roasted aromatic caraway seeds and citrus lemon then cooked in a skillet. My mother never made bread like this and if I’m honest I’d never even tasted let alone made a farle until I tried the commercial mass-produced version that you can buy down …

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monkfish salsa verde

Monkfish Salsa Verde

Monkfish salsa verde – Pan-roasted chunks of monkfish served with the classic, herb-infused, Italian green sauce. It tastes fantastic and you can whirl it together in about 30 seconds. I like to dip big hunks of crusty fresh bread in it. I put it on pasta and burgers. I like to make a mint-infused version and spoon it over some …

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omelette arnold bennett

Omelette Arnold Bennett

My version of the classic fish omelette Arnold Bennett. Made with flakes of smoky haddock, lightly cooked eggs, and a bechamel flavoured with mustard and Worcestershire. You might be wondering who Arnold Bennett is and why the hell an omelette is named after him. Spare a thought though for the waiters at London’s Savoy hotel who must get tired of …

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ingredients for fish stock

How To Make Fish Stock

Every cook should know how to make a good fish stock, it’s quick, easy and free. Well almost…… The only cost is the price of a few vegetables, a glass of white wine, and a half-hour of your time. If you’ve ever wondered why the sauces in top restaurants always taste just a little better than what you cook at …

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