oysters and guinness

29 Quick And Easy Oyster Topping ideas To Inspire You (Recipes Included)

Traditionalists will tell you the best way to eat oysters in the half shell is naked, freshly opened, with nothing at all. It’s a nice way to enjoy them especially if you’re feeling lazy and the only work you want to do is a bit of shucking. Personally, if you gave me a dozen oysters, half a lemon, some tabasco, …

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prawn and sweet potato massaman

Prawn And Sweet Potato Massaman Curry

Prawn and sweet potato massaman curry – A mild and mellow Thai broth made with succulent tiger prawns and tender chunks of brightly coloured sweet potato. Out of all the curries on the planet the massaman is definitely a favourite. I’ll order in the odd Indian from time to time and enjoy a biryani, a masala, or a jalfrezi now …

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prawn skewers

Sesame Prawn Skewers With Rocket and Roast Garlic Aioli

Skewered sweet Dublin bay prawns rolled in toasted sesame seed and grilled till golden, served with a sweet and peppery garlic aioli. When was the last time some Dublin bay prawns ended up in your shopping basket down the fish mongers? If you’re anything like me the chances are they’re an occasional treat. A delicacy only enjoyed every now and …

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shellfish mac and cheese

Shellfish Mac And Cheese

Shellfish mac and cheese – baked macaroni in a super silky sauce laced with flecks of sweet crab and succulent prawns. Macaroni and cheese has been popular ever since Kraft put it in a box and sold it as a convenience product in 1937. It was around long before that though. Its roots are Italian and date back to the 14th …

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saute scallops and black pudding

Saute Scallops And Black Pudding

Thickly sliced crumbly black pudding, fried till crispy with saute scallops and a smooth apple puree made from tart granny smith’s. Beannachtai la fheile padraig!….and for those of you who don’t speak Gaelic, Happy Saint Paddy’s day. You might be planning on celebrating the day by drowning the shamrock or maybe cooking something with a little Irish flavour. There’s bacon …

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dublin bay prawns with garlic and white wine-3

Dublin Bay Prawns In Garlic And White Wine

The aroma that wafts through the kitchen as you cook this is gonna make your mouth water. Roasted shellfish and garlic, deglazed with a glass of your favourite white wine. A dead-simple recipe, cooked in minutes. The French call them langoustines. In Norway there known as Norwegian lobster. Here and in Britain there called Dublin Bay prawns and I’ve often …

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