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Crab tart

Sweet crab, peppery rocket, and salty parmesan cheese baked over flakey shortcrust pastry.

crab tart

If you’ve ever made a classic lemon tart or even a creme brulee than you’ll recognise the method used in this recipe. The only sweet element in this though is the luscious crab meat that’s been encased in a rich and creamy savoury custard infused with a deeply flavoured fish stock. This is a tart that tastes of the sea….

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Mussels With Cider And Speck

The one must have to go along with this recipe is a big, crusty loaf of bread. You’ll need it to mop up all the sweet, briny juice that collects at the bottom of the bowl once you’ve finished devouring all the mussels.

mussels with cider and speck

This is a take on the french classic moules marinière. The cool thing about mussels is that there cheap, cook quickly, and are a sustainable form of aquaculture.

If you reckon you don’t like mussels then try my gratinated mussels in garlic butter. It’s another classic and the dish that turned me on to them when my uncle cooked it for me as a teenager. Shell fish and garlic butter, you can’t really go wrong! And that’s the aroma you get wafting through your kitchen when you start to cook this too. The smell of garlic been gently cooked in olive oil really gets the juices flowing.

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Crab Linguine With Orange And Tarragon

Sweet, succulent crab with a light and zesty citrus sauce. This pasta is ideal for lunch or as a late supper.

crab linguine

I don’t watch much tv, just football and the food network. I do enjoy documentaries though, and I’m a big fan of the deadliest catch. You know the show on the discovery channel? Sometimes when I’m cooking with king crab I think about those guys out on the bering sea in alaska, risking life and limb just so we can enjoy this scary looking sea creature.

The crab I used in this recipe was caught in the much calmer waters off the irish coast. Its the native brown Irish crab. Its sweet, succulent and massively expensive at a whopping 42 euro a kilo. I agree that is a ridiculous price! but trust me, its a real treat!

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Mussel Gratin With Lemon And Parsley Butter

Sweet, garlicky mussels topped with crisp breadcrumbs – if you reckon you don’t like mussels or have never tried them before then this classic recipe is sure to convert you.

mussel gratin

Given the name of this blog I figured its about time I featured some of the ingredients the blog is named after. And theres no better place to start then with this recipe… a classic and a crowd pleaser.

Mussels have always been a poor mans meal. Free food scavenged from the shallow, coastal water where they grow. I can still remember as a kid in short trousers picking them off rocks a long Galway bay. Looking in rock pools and under seaweed was always much more fun than eating them. Nothing much has changed, mussels are still the most inexpensive seafood around. A kilo costs 4 euro at my fishmonger but you could definitely pick them up for less at one of the big supermarkets. We farm loads of them here in Ireland, along the north atlantic coast, and there was 1.8 million tonnes consumed worldwide last year.

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