smoked kipper rarebit-2

Smoked Kipper Rarebit

Smoked Kipper rarebit – toasted crusty bread topped with a silky bechamel sauce flecked with lightly smoked kippers and mature cheddar cheese. Than grilled till golden. If you’d never heard the term rarebit before than you could be forgiven for thinking it is some sort of culinary masterpiece, exotic, and difficult to make. It’s a really fancy word for the …

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smoked salmon and cream cheese chelsea buns

Smoked Salmon And Cream Cheese Chelsea Buns

A fishy version of the classic Chelsea bun made with layers of smoked salmon, zesty cream cheese and spinach. “Give her a Chelsea bun, miss! That’s what most young ladies like best!” The voice was rich and musical, and the speaker dexterously whipped back the snowy cloth that covered his basket, and disclosed a tempting array of the familiar square …

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smoked haddock and english mustard pasty

Smoked Haddock And English Mustard Pasty

Chunky flakes of smoked haddock fillet, encased in a creamy and pungent mustard sauce, wrapped up in flakey puff pastry. I’ve taken one of Great Britain best-loved dishes, the classic Cornish pasty, and made my own fishy version. Gone is the traditional minced beef and turnip interior to be replaced with smoked haddock, young baby spinach, and a punchy mustard …

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mushroom croquettes with pont l'eveque dip

Mushroom Croquettes With Pont L’eveque Dip

Crunchy potato croquettes laced with pungent dried mushrooms dipped in a creamy, cheesy sauce. I always know when it’s not worth my while to make a trip down to the fishmongers. Mondays or any time there’s been a spell of bad weather like the last couple of days means there won’t be much fresh fish around bar the usual suspect……a.k.a …

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crab tart

Crab tart

Sweet crab, peppery rocket, and salty parmesan cheese baked over flakey shortcrust pastry. If you’ve ever made a classic lemon tart or even a creme brulee then you’ll recognise the method used in this recipe. The only sweet element in this though is the luscious crab meat that’s been encased in a rich and creamy savoury custard infused with deeply …

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