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Chilled Melon Soup With Mojito Ice

Chilled melon soup with a tangy mint and lime infused mojito ice. A great way to cool off on a hot summer’s day.

how to make chilled melon soup with mijito ice

I’ve been waiting all summer to rustle up this soup but the weather just wouldn’t play ball. We’re into september now and with the recent  spell of good weather I decided it was now or never.

It always seems to me that the minute autumn officially starts the sun decides to make an appearance. It didn’t turn out to be an indian summer, but the warm weather lasted a couple of days and the temperature rose enough for me to be able to make one of the simplest chilled soup recipes you’ll ever see.

All you need is one simple ingredient. A sweet, juicy, overly ripe melon. Peel it, remove the seeds, and whirl it up in a food processor…and voila a simple summer soup made in seconds. Just chill it for an hour or so and you have a light and refreshing way to start a meal. Read More

Smoked Cod And Whiskey Chowder

smoked cod and whiskey chowder

A rustic and comforting winter fish soup made with smoked cod and warmed with whiskey.

If you’re out for lunch beware the waiter who tells you the days special is “fresh seafood chowder” especially if it’s a monday….

Why you might ask? Well, restaurants are businesses and us chefs are put under a fierce amount of pressure to make as much money as possible by owners. So having a seafood chowder on gives us the opportunity to use up some fish that we might otherwise have to throw in the trash.

No chef I’ve ever met would knowingly serve fish that was off. But dishes like fish cakes, pies, and chowder are a good way to turn scraps and odds and ends of fish into money. This undoubtedly affects the quality of the dishes involved. Which would you rather a nice big chunk of Cod in your soup or a skinny little bit of fish cut from the tail or belly of the fish?

I’m not saying every restaurant is guilty but it does happen. Theres plenty of good restaurants that serve great chowder, teaming with chunks of freshly cooked fish and shellfish. It’s just something to be aware of in a place you’ve never been before. Theres still some unscrupulous chefs and restaurants out there.

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Caramelised Cauliflower And Coconut Soup

caramelised cauliflower and coconut soup

Creamy, rich, thick, and aromatic. Made with this roasted cauliflower, coconut milk, cilantro and inspired by the flavours of south-east asia. This soup is a bowl full of comfort on a cold winters day.

For a long time it was kale. Than for a good while it was beetroot. But now its cauliflower. If there were charts for the most popular vegetables than cauliflower would definitely be number one and top of the pile. If cauliflower was an actor than he’d be big box office, if a singer than there would be millions of downloads from iTunes.

Yes indeed, plain old cauliflower is enjoying a surge of popularity at the moment and over the past couple of months I’ve noticed a ton of very interesting and innovative recipes for this humble vegetable. No longer is it served as an after thought with your sunday roast. Instead its taking centre stage and innovative cooks are turning it into souffles, croquettes, cakes, and pizza crust. Read More

Summer Mussel Soup

A light mussel, asparagus and fresh pea broth, infused with the flavours of south-east Asia

summer mussel soup

You don’t normally associate the summer months with soup making, especially broths. At this time of year the only soup you’re probably hoping to make is a chilled one to cool yourself off as the mercury rises. I love an iced soup on a hot summers day and have a few in my repertoire. Unfortunately it never really gets hot enough here in Dublin to make any of them. The summer’s not over yet so I live in hope!

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