how to make chilled melon soup with mijito ice

Chilled Melon Soup With Mojito Ice

Chilled melon soup with a tangy mint and lime infused mojito ice. A great way to cool off on a hot summer’s day. I’ve been waiting all summer to rustle up this soup but the weather just wouldn’t play ball. We’re into september now and with the recent  spell of good weather I decided it was now or never. It …

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smoked cod and whiskey chowder

Smoked Cod And Whiskey Chowder

A rustic and comforting winter fish soup made with smoked cod and warmed with whiskey. If you’re out for lunch, beware the waiter who tells you the day special is “fresh seafood chowder”, especially if it’s a Monday. Why, you might ask? Well, restaurants are businesses and us chefs are put under a fierce amount of pressure to make as …

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caramelised cauliflower and coconut soup

Caramelised Cauliflower And Coconut Soup

Creamy, rich, thick, and aromatic. Made with this roasted cauliflower, coconut milk, cilantro and inspired by the flavours of south-east Asia. This soup is a bowl full of comfort on a cold winters day. For a long time, it was kale. Then for a good while, it was beetroot. But now it’s cauliflower. If there were charts for the most popular …

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summer mussel soup

Summer Mussel Soup

A light mussel, asparagus and fresh pea broth, infused with the flavours of south-east Asia You don’t normally associate the summer months with soup making, especially broths. At this time of year, the only soup you’re probably hoping to make is a chilled one to cool yourself off as the mercury rises. I love an iced soup on a hot …

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