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Brioche Mincemeat Doughnuts

brioche mincemeat doughnuts

Brioche mincemeat doughnuts – A sweet buttery brioche dough stuffed with fruity mincemeat and coated in a spiced sugar flavoured with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.

My guess is that anyone who’s organised and into a bit of seasonal baking already has their Christmas confectionary well under way. Cakes already made and probably iced, while Christmas pudding are left maturing for the big day. All that’s left is to make an alternative dessert for the punters who don’t like pudding (there’s always a few) and of course the mince pies.

I’ve got to put my hand up and admit I’ve never made a Christmas cake and I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve cooked a pudding. Mince pies, however, are definitely my thing. In every restaurant I’ve worked in down the years they’d be on the menu for the month of December. Either a mini version served as a petit four with coffee or full size as a proper dessert….warm from the oven with lashings of cream, custard, or my personal favourite smooth vanilla ice cream.

brioche mincemeat doughnuts

If you’re a mince-pie maker chances are you might have a little of that spiced mincemeat left over from a batch of pies or you might like to do something a little different with it for a change. If so, then this brioche mincemeat doughnut recipe is for you. It’s a culmination of three of my favourite foods. Buttery soft brioche, spicy mince-pie filling and filled  fritter doughnuts.

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Creamy Ginger Rice Pudding With honeyed Roast Pears And Walnuts

creamy ginger rice pudding

Creamy ginger rice pudding – Pearl rice cooked in an infusion of milk, vanilla, and warming ginger. Than topped with crunchy caramelized pears and walnuts.

Poor rice pudding. It suffers from a bit of an image problem. It’s often thought of as a little old-fashioned, something your mother or grandmother might have cooked up back in the day.

It’s a dessert you never see on a restaurant menu. I’ve tried putting it on a few menus in places I worked over the years and gave up, it’s never been a good seller. I suppose customers expect something a little sexier on a menu when they go out to eat, especially for desert.

With the exception of those dreadful chilled rice pudding pots they sell in the supermarket this humble dessert seems to have been forgotten about. It’s maybe something served in a nursing home or a hospital to the elderly and infirm rather than in a restaurant.

Sexey it’s not but tasty it is. It’s a great pudding for this time of year when the days are short and the weather has turned just a little chillier. Pure comfort food, a bowl of creamy sweet goodness that clings to your insides and warms you from within.

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Caramelized Spiced Pineapple With Vanilla Ice Cream

Warm juicy pineapple, spiced with chillies and vanilla then caramelized till golden.

Caramelized Spiced Pineapple

Why is it the older I get the sweeter my sweet tooth seems to becomes? I’m at the stage now where dessert is often the part of a meal I look forward to the most. I love to bake but unless I’ve a day off then I just don’t have the time.

Cooking up sweet treats takes time and if you’re anything like me you keep a look out for dessert recipes and sweet things you can whizz up in a hurry. One of my favorite thing to do for a quick sugar hit is to caramelise some seasonal fruits in a hot pan with a little sugar.

Ripe mangos, bananas, strawberries ( so plentiful at the moment), and of course pineapple all caramelize nicely. Than you can just deglaze the sticky fruit with whatever liquor you’ve got in your cabinet. Rum, cointreau, sambuca, even whiskey, or a good desert wine all work well. Read More

Guinness Cupcakes

guinness cupcakes

A moist luxurious cupcake made with deep, smooth, rich tasting stout, chocolate and dark sugar. Than topped with a fluffy vanilla and white chocolate frosting.

Saint Patrick’s day is just around the corner and to celebrate I decided to make some very special cupcakes out of the nations most famous alcoholic beverage. Though the makers of various whiskeys and other stouts would probably disagree Guinness is synonymous with Ireland especially Dublin.

For this recipe we won’t be turning it green. Or even making green frosting. No leprechaun’s, shamrocks, or crocks of gold at the end of the rainbow, It’s just Guinness and chocolate all the way.

This might seem like an unlikely culinary pairing but the smooth, rich, and slightly bitter tones of the stout marry really well with the chocolate, dark sugar, and rich butter. The result is a moist luxurious cake with a rich flavor and a colour to match the famous pint.

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Mango And Coconut Doughnuts

mango and coconut doughnuts

A classic fritter doughnut made from a dough infused with coconut and filled with a slightly tart mango curd.

Maybe I should have been a cop. I’ve always had a soft spot for doughnuts. When I was a kid I’d get one in my lunchbox going to school from time to time. They were nothing fancy like these ones, just your regular jam filled doughnuts. Often they’d get banged around in my schoolbag and end up misshapen, a little greasy, with the jam leaking out. I loved them all the same. Kids love anything sweet with loads of sugar. Especially when it gets stuck to your lips and has to be licked off like it does with the castor sugar-coating on doughnuts. Read More

Warm Pear, Ginger, And Walnut Tart

warm pear, ginger, and walnut tart

Warm pears and candied walnuts covered with a light ginger infused sponge.

Christmas is coming as if you needed reminding. But just incase you do than cook this tart. When I opened the oven to check how it was coming along a warm scent of gently baking spices wafted through the kitchen. Roasting nuts, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. A combination of warm christmas smells that immediately reminded that the festive season is fast approaching.

This tart might remind you of a tarte tatin or a pineapple upside down cake. You make a caramel and sit the pears in it just like you were going to make tarte tatin. Then pour the spice infused ginger sponge over the top of the caramelised fruit before you bake it. So the bottom is actually the top like the classic pineapple upside down cake.

That’s about as complicated as this recipe gets. The rest is simple. Mix the dry ingredients, mix the wet ones…then mix them both together. You don’t even need to get your mixer out. No heavy beating required and you can do it all by hand.

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