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Mandarin And Pumpkin Seed Flapjacks

mandarin and pumpkin seed flapjacks

Chewy oats with roasted pumpkin seeds, mandarins, and cranberries, baked together till golden.

It’s almost here, just a couple of days to go and Halloween will be upon us. I’m expecting that this year will be no different to any other and I’ll have steady stream of ghosts, skeletons, and other scary creatures calling at my door.

Normally I’d be well supplied with lots of chocolate, crisps, and other treats to feed the hungry hordes of undead. The only problem I always face is how much chocolate should I buy? The last thing you want to do is run out, but this means I always get  in way too much and end up eating the leftovers myself in the days following Halloween.

But not this year. This time around I’ve decided to do a little baking and rustle up something healthy and nutritious for any trick or treaters that call round. If there happens to be a some leftover I won’t feel so guilty about eating them myself. Childhood obesity is a hot topic these days and one I don’t plan on adding to.

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Champagne Glazed Strawberries With Vanilla Ice Cream

You know summer has finally arrive in Ireland when you see locally grown strawberries hit the markets around the beginning of June.

strawberries with champagne

During the long winter months we’re forced to eat expensive and tasteless imports flown in from god knows where. I never really bother with them especially at  €5 for a small 200g punnet. Although they look pretty and can add a splash of colour to a dessert plate in the middle of December they can’t compare to the sweet and juicy homegrown ones that are so abundant right now the shops are practically giving them away.

Theres a real glut of them on the market by early July and it’s definitely a case of supply exceeding demand. I managed to pick up all the berries for this recipe soooo cheap. At just €1.25 for a large 300g punnet I bought so many I’ve been on a bit of a strawberry bender. I’ve been chopping them up and putting them in my breakfast cereal in the morning, making delicious smoothies, and devouring them with a nice dollop of cream.

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