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Choosing The Best Fish Grilling Basket (A Definitive Guide For Cooking Seafood Over Coals)

Spring has sprung. Summer is finally here and pretty soon it will be time to dust off the BBQ for another season of outdoor cookery and alfresco dining.

Weather permitting.....

best fish grilling basket

Meat eaters are always well catered for at barbecues. Steaks, burgers, ribs, chicken and chops are all easy and hassle free to cook over coles.

For pescetarians it's a different story.

Cooking fish presents its own unique set of issues even when your indoors, baking in your oven, or frying on the stove top.

Throw some open flames into the mix and the risk of over cooking, burning, leaving it raw in the middle, or just not quite getting it right multiply.

Not only that, but the delicate sweet flesh of fish can easily break apart and disappear right before your eyes in a flurry of flakes through your grill on to the hot coals.

So, if you want to avoid this particular culinary disaster than it's probably time to invest in a good fish grilling basket.

If your in a hurry below are a few examples.

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