best seafood cookbook

Best Seafood Cookbook (From Classic To Contemporary)

Seafood’s got a reputation for being intimidating to cook and difficult to prepare. And although there are millions of free recipes online and the internet can be a great resource (hello youtube!) you can never really beat a good book. They provide a definitive source of information and a collection of tried, trusted, and mouthwatering recipes written by someone who …

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best sashimi knife

Picking The Best Sashimi knife (What Savvy Sushi Chefs Know)

So, here’s just some of coming up in this article. what you’ll​​​​​ learn How having the best sashimi knife in your hand improves taste and flavour, making sushi and sashimi even more mouth wateringly delicious. The two most important things you’ve got to check before you buy a knife. Why there’s a knife for every budget and 3 of the …

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shrimp heads

Shrimp Head Stock – Plus 5 Delicious Reasons To Save Those Shells.

Have you ever eaten a shrimp head? Personally, they’re not my thing, though I have been known to knock up a shrimp head stock now and again. In fact I don’t just use shrimp heads but the heads and shells of any crustaceans. Lobster, crab, prawns, and crayfish shells all make flavoursome, umami-packed stocks. In some Asian countries, the humble …

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