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Best Oyster Knife Review: Find The Right Killer And Shuck Like A Pro

It looks so easy, right?

The experts do it in the blink of an eye........

In goes the knife, a quick turn of the wrist, and off pops the shell, releasing the tasty treat inside.

Their secret....Practice and the best oyster knife for the job in their hands.

But I’ve got my own secret:

I suck at shucking and it's a job I don't enjoy all that much.

best oyster knife review

Despite plenty of practice and thousands of oysters opened, I just don't seem to get any better or more frustratingly quicker at it.

There's nothing more annoying than prodding and poking away at an oyster that won't seem to give an inch.

In fact, if you've got the wrong knife in your hand than opening oysters can seem like pulling teeth.

Shucking and eating oysters at home can save you a small fortune on the prices restaurants charge. But if you want an easy life and a pain free shucking experience than you'll need a sturdy oyster knife.

There's plenty to choose from, all different shapes, sizes, and blade designs. There's such an array on the market that you'll probably be left wondering which one to spend your money on.

Here's the good news:

Any oyster knife your lightly to buy will almost certainly open an oyster. It's just that some do a much better job than others. Some blade designs perform a lot better on certain types and sizes of oysters (more on that in a minute)

You’ll want a blade that lifts the shell easily and with as little fuss possible while keeping the oyster inside intact, especially if you plan serving them in the half shell.

But before we review some of the best oyster knifes on the market, you need to figure out which types of oysters your lightly to be shucking and then pick the right knife to open it.

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