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The Sustainable Fish Pie Recipe (5 Guilt-Free Species To Use)

A classic fish pie recipe, made using responsibly sourced seafood from sustainable sources.

fish pie recipe

Sometimes it feels like the humble fish pie has gone the way of other classic dishes and is now only eaten as a ready meal.

Small amounts of overcooked seafood, of questionable quality and origin, swimming in a bland sauce, and heated in the microwave feels like a disservice to this iconic dish.

You never see it on a restaurant menu and you’ll rarely lay eyes on it in a bar or pub either.

Does anyone make fish pie anymore?

Bite-size chunks of perfectly cooked fish, coated in a silky white sauce, and topped with fluffy mash potato is pure comfort food.

Although making your own from scratch can be a labour of love, it’s the only way to control what goes in it.

The quality, freshness, and sustainability of the fish. The consistency and seasoning in your sauce, and the topping (more on this in a minute)

Coming up, we’ll be giving you a couple of tips on how to make an awesome fish pie.

A list of some of the more sustainable species of fish to use, so you can avoid the usual suspects, and cook with a clear conscience.

As well as, of course, a recipe.

But first….

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Mussels Carbonara

Mussels Carbonara – a pescetarian version of the classic Italian dish made with plump sustainable mussels and fresh linguine coated in a light sauce infused with the taste of the sea.

mussels carbonara

This little quick-cook dish is like a happy and contented marriage between two enduring, time-honoured recipes. The quintessential French moules meniere and the ever-popular Italian pasta carbonara.

Although the french might not be too thrilled about anybody messing with their moules meniere by adding in pasta, I reckon the Italians would probably be ok with me swapping out the bacon.

And it’s bacon that’s the key flavour in any carbonara recipe. Traditionally it’s guanciale (cured pig’s cheek) that’s used, but I’m betting most people use pancetta, I know I do.

Both of these cuts of pork are unsmoked, but they are cured, and if you’re looking for a similar salty kick then mussels are the ideal fishy replacement.

Mussels are filter feeders and it’s the reason for their innate saltiness. They feed by opening up and syphoning seawater through their systems catching any little plankton that happen to be floating by.

It’s also why they’re the number 1 sustainable seafood on the planet because unlike other forms of aquaculture they don’t need to be fed (I’m looking at you salmon and shrimp) With the added benefit that they leave the water in a cleaner state than they found it.

Mussels are now farmed worldwide because of their low impact and when it comes to sustainability and the environment it’s one seafood you don’t have to worry about and should definitely be eating more of.

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