The Sustainable Fish Pie Recipe (5 Guilt-Free Species To Use)

A classic fish pie recipe, made using responsibly sourced seafood from sustainable sources. Sometimes it feels like the humble fish pie has gone the way of other classic dishes and is now only eaten as a ready meal. Small amounts of overcooked seafood, of questionable quality and origin, swimming in a bland sauce, and heated in the microwave feels like …

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mussels carbonara

Mussels Carbonara

Mussels Carbonara – a pescetarian version of the classic Italian dish made with plump sustainable mussels and fresh linguine coated in a light sauce infused with the taste of the sea. This little quick-cook dish is like a happy and contented marriage between two enduring, time-honoured recipes. The quintessential French moules meniere and the ever-popular Italian pasta carbonara. Although the …

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oysters and guinness

29 Quick And Easy Oyster Topping ideas To Inspire You (Recipes Included)

Traditionalists will tell you the best way to eat oysters in the half shell is naked, freshly opened, with nothing at all. It’s a nice way to enjoy them especially if you’re feeling lazy and the only work you want to do is a bit of shucking. Personally, if you gave me a dozen oysters, half a lemon, some tabasco, …

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mussels with cider and speck

Mussels With Cider And Speck

The one must have to go along with this recipe is a big, crusty loaf of bread. You’ll need it to mop up all the sweet, briny juice that collects at the bottom of the bowl once you’ve finished devouring all the mussels. This is a take on the French classic Moules marinière. The cool thing about mussels is that …

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hake kiev

Hake Kiev

Flakey fillets of hake, packed with a herb and garlic infused butter, then fried till crunchy and golden. My original plan was to make this recipe with cod, but Fergal my fishmonger had these beautiful fillets of thick, flakey hake. They looked so fresh that they might have just jumped out of the sea and onto the counter. So I …

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