Fish Burger

fish burger

You never know when inspiration for a recipe will strike. Driving back from work the other night I saw a billboard for Mcdonalds. On it was a picture of their fillet o’ fish burger and in a moment of weakness I had a massive craving for one.

Ever since I saw Morgan Spurlock’s super size me I rarely eat at the golden arches. Thats not to say I don’t eat fast food, I do.  I’m no food snob and like a lot of chefs can be really lazy when it comes to cooking at home. Believe me, after working in a hot kitchen all night cooking for others, the last thing you want to do is cook for yourself. So I’ve been known to enjoy  the odd burger and am a big fan of the coernals.

Unfortunately a trip to Mac D’s would mean a 20 minute detour so I decided to go home and make a sandwich.

But fish burgers were still on my mind, so I’ve decided to do my own version of the fillea o’ fish.

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Mussel Gratin With Lemon And Parsley Butter

Sweet, garlicky mussels topped with crisp breadcrumbs – if you reckon you don’t like mussels or have never tried them before then this classic recipe is sure to convert you.

mussel gratin

Given the name of this blog I figured its about time I featured some of the ingredients the blog is named after. And theres no better place to start then with this recipe… a classic and a crowd pleaser.

Mussels have always been a poor mans meal. Free food scavenged from the shallow, coastal water where they grow. I can still remember as a kid in short trousers picking them off rocks a long Galway bay. Looking in rock pools and under seaweed was always much more fun than eating them. Nothing much has changed, mussels are still the most inexpensive seafood around. A kilo costs 4 euro at my fishmonger but you could definitely pick them up for less at one of the big supermarkets. We farm loads of them here in Ireland, along the north atlantic coast, and there was 1.8 million tonnes consumed worldwide last year.

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