Smoked Trout And Horseradish cocktail

Delicate flakes of smoked trout with young spinach smothered in a creamy, pungent horseradish mayo.

smoked trout and horseradish cocktail

Give me a bowl of crispy roast potatoes and a jar of horseradish sauce and I’d be a happy man. As a kid sunday lunch meant one thing to me… horseradish sauce time! Never mind the fact that it wasn’t beef I’d be eating, it didn’t matter if it was chicken, lamb, or pork for lunch, if there were roast potatoes than I would be looking for the horseradish sauce.

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Avocado, Prawn, And Citrus Salad

Sweet Dublin bay prawns with creamy avocado and tangy citrus fruits, tossed in a caramelized ginger dressing

avocado, prawn, and citrus salad

Salads are supposed to be good for you. Light, healthy, and nutritious but only up to a point. That point being when you reach for your favourite dressing, be it caesar, mayo, or salad cream. But whats a salad without a dressing? The dressing is what makes a salad tick and brings all the flavours, textures, and tastes together.

This salad is no different. It’s all about the dressing. Caramelized spicy ginger with sweet honey and slightly tart raspberry vinegar all whisked together in extra virgin olive oil. It’s a dressing you can use on any salad, and it happens to work really well with duck but  maybe I shouldn’t have said that seen as this is a seafood blog and all.

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Summer Mussel Soup

A light mussel, asparagus and fresh pea broth, infused with the flavours of south-east Asia

summer mussel soup

You don’t normally associate the summer months with soup making, especially broths. At this time of year the only soup you’re probably hoping to make is a chilled one to cool yourself off as the mercury rises. I love an iced soup on a hot summers day and have a few in my repertoire. Unfortunately it never really gets hot enough here in Dublin to make any of them. The summer’s not over yet so I live in hope!

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How To Make Fish Stock

Every cook should know how to make a good fish stock, its quick, easy and free. Well almost. The only cost is the price of a few vegetables, a glass of white wine, and a half  hour of your time.

ingredients for fish stock

If you’ve ever wondered why the sauces in top restaurants always taste just a little better than what you cook at home the fact that they make their own stock probably plays a part. That and the use of large amounts of butter, salt and cream. Us restaurant chefs are trained to be a bit heavy-handed with these ingredients.

Making some stocks is like looking after a child, they require constant love and attention. You’ve got to roast the bones and make sure the don’t burn. Chop and roast the vegetables. Bring everything to the boil and simmer in gently for eight hours skimming off any impurities all the time. And even then you’re not finished, because it need to be strained and reduced.

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Champagne Glazed Strawberries With Vanilla Ice Cream

You know summer has finally arrive in Ireland when you see locally grown strawberries hit the markets around the beginning of June.

strawberries with champagne

During the long winter months we’re forced to eat expensive and tasteless imports flown in from god knows where. I never really bother with them especially at  €5 for a small 200g punnet. Although they look pretty and can add a splash of colour to a dessert plate in the middle of December they can’t compare to the sweet and juicy homegrown ones that are so abundant right now the shops are practically giving them away.

Theres a real glut of them on the market by early July and it’s definitely a case of supply exceeding demand. I managed to pick up all the berries for this recipe soooo cheap. At just €1.25 for a large 300g punnet I bought so many I’ve been on a bit of a strawberry bender. I’ve been chopping them up and putting them in my breakfast cereal in the morning, making delicious smoothies, and devouring them with a nice dollop of cream.

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Mackerel Escabèche

Mackerel Escabèche – Fillets of fresh mackerel poached in a vinaigrette flavoured with balsamic, saffron, and spices.

mackerel escabeche

I need help for my mackerel addiction. My infatuation with this fish has been going on for a while now and I can’t see it ending anytime soon. It’s just so tasty and cheap that if I see some freshly caught fillets sitting on a fish counter they somehow magically end up in my shopping basket.

I realise that not everybody shares my craving for this cheap and sustainable seafood. I’ve tried putting in on menus in various restaurants where I worked over the years and it’s never been a great seller.

People just don’t know what they’re missing. Mackerel is packed with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, as well as b vitamins to boost your immune system, and is a known antioxidant. Read More